Origins of the firm

Antonio Antràs de Togores, born on 8 January 1909, was an employee of CAJA DE PENSIONES PARA LA VEJEZ and returned to work after the civil war in 1939.

In 1940 the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE PREVISION sought the help of CAJA DE PENSIONES in opening an office in Barcelona, and the latter gave it the ground floor of an adjoining building it owned at Calle Junqueras nº 2. The INP also asked CAJA DE PENSIONES for some of its employees to launch its operations, and among them Antonio Antràs agreed to join.

In his work at the INP Antonio Antràs had the opportunity to learn about the administration of the early social security coverge being introduced at that time (worker retirement, maternity benefit, sick pay, workplace accidents, etc)

During his time at the INP Antonio Antràs could see dealing with the public that employers were very inexperienced in the procedures and the bureaucracy involved in the new benefit system (registration, monthly declarations, accident and sickness reports, etc) and this led him to the idea of setting up a consultancy to handle these matters.

His next step in 1945 was to leave the INP and re-join CAJA DE PENSIONES, combining this with the first steps towards what would become BUFETE ANTRAS, a small office of no more than 50 m2 at Calle Amadeo Vives nº 3, in the same building where the Escuela Sociarcelona had been created.

Antonio Antràs had obtained a degree in human resources management which enabled him to carry out this consultancy work, and he was one of the first members of the COLLEGE OF HUMAN RESOURCE SPECIALISTS of Barcelona, of which he was videpresident on its first board of governors.

The small office on Calle Amadeo Vives in which he operated as a consultant while continuing to work for CAJA DE PENSIONES soon proved to be insufficient, and in 1946 he moved to flat 4A Calle Mallorca 297, as a tenant occupying half a foor (150 m2) providing administration services and advice with a staff of more than ten.

In 1960 his son José María Antràs Badía joined the management of the firm, who had recently graduated in law and added the handling of employment disputes to its management and consultancy services, generating a new phase of growth in which legal advice on employment and social security issues was coming to the fore in place of management services. In 1970 this led the firm to look for new offices and it acquired two floors of a newly built office block at Calle Enrique Granados nº 111 (250 m2) where the firm was located until 1982.

The firm's growth required the hiring of more lawyers, and the two floors on Calle Enrique Granados were not sufficient, and in 1981 José María Antràs acquired the first floor of the emblematic CASA THOMAS at Calle Mallorca 293 (600 m2) (next to the old site at Calle Mallorca 297), to which the firm moved in 1982 after extensive renovation and adaptation. This is the firm's current location, to which was added in 2021 the renting of flat 1A of CASA THOMAS giving an area of 1,000 m2 in which to accommodate the firm's staff.

D. José Mª Antràs Badía
D. José Mª Antràs Badía
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