Since its inception, the FIRM has participated and intervened in numerous important professional proceedings in the interests of National and Multinational companies.

−Legal advice and consultancy in all matters related to Labour Law and Social Security..

−Legal defence in litigation proceedings in Employment Courts and Tribunals (Court of the First Instance, High Court, National High Court and Supreme Court)..

−Collective Bargaining for Sector and Company Agreements.

−Advice for collective disputes and strikes.

−Mass redundancies (Workforce restructuring and downsizing).

−Employee mobility (geographical, functional or working conditions).

−Complementary Social Security: Pension Plans.

−Human Resources.

−Professional Classification claims.

−Advice with respect to the various methods of contracting.

−Social Security audits.

−Labour Inspectorate (Offence and Liquidation proceedings).

−Claims involving benefit surcharges or damage and loss indemnity surcharges resulting from workplace accidents or occupational diseases.

−Disability proceedings.

−Litigation against actions of the labour administration in proceedings in the Court of Claims.